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What's on today
Tuesday 3rd March, 2014
Morning: 5am - 12pm
05:00am Sky News Australia
06:00am Morning Ride
07:00am TVNZ One News (Replay)
08:00am Sky Business News
09:00am RT Documentary
10:00am Edge Sports: Airtime Freestyle Motorcross World Championship
11:00am Muzic Mania
11:30am Japan Video Topic
12:00pm Sky NewsAustralia
Afternoon: 12pm - 8pm
01:00pm Aljazeera: News
01:30pm Aljazeera: Inside Story
02:00pm Bundesliga Match Replay
04:00pm Morning Ride(Replay)
05:00pm Fiji Funniest Videos
05:30pm We Ni Yava
06:00pm Sky Sports News Australia
07:00pm TVNZ One News
08:00pm Kasam Se
Evening: 8pm - 5am
08:30pm Fiji Funniest Videos
09:00pm Tech Update
09:30pm Shark Island
10:30pm Souls To Jesus
11:00pm Edge Sports: ASP World Championship Tour 2014
12:00am Journal
12:15am Talking Germany
01:00am Journal
01:05am Business Brief
01:15am Close Up
01:45am Shift
02:00am Journal
02:30am Global 3000
03:00am Euromaxx
03:30am Kick Off
04:00am Journal News
04:30am Documentaries and Reports
05:00am Sky News Australia
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