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About us

MAI TV is Fiji's second commercial free to air TV network. The company was founded by Richard Broadbridge in 2006 and began broadcasting in June 2008. It is fully privately owned and broadcasts using the latest IP technology.

MAI TV co-sites with one of Fiji's better technology providers, COMS Limited Lautoka. It links its services from its Garden City Studio's to transmitters across Fiji, with sites in Nakobalevu Suva, Sabeto in Nadi, Lololo Hill in Ba and Tavoua Delaikoro in the North.

MAI TV has delivered Free to Air coverage of such prestigious events as the Rugby League World Cup in 2008, the FIFA World cup in 2010 and Fiji’s own local premier Football tournaments, the Fiji Fact, the Inter District Championship (IDC), Battle of the Giants (BOG) and Champion vs Champion in 2011 and 2012. In a first, these Fijian tournaments were also showcased on the internet utilizing our extensive online experience, allowing viewers around the world to subscribe and view all the matches as if they were watching MAI TV at home.

MAI TV is dedicated to promoting Fiji and broadcasts 30% local content with some of its top shows being We Ni Yava with Manoa Rasigatale, MAI Kana with Dom and the latest offering, Coffee Break with Jackie Whippy. MAI TV outsources all of this local production requirement to Skylite Productions, Fiji and has a close working relationship with its sister company, Click, its Internet Protocol solutions arm offering IPTV, Digital Signage, Power Solutions and Indoor and outdoor screens or monitors.

MAI TV has been a pioneer in Fiji when it comes to utilization of new technologies including the online social media platforms. With 7800+ friends, our Face Book profile grows by an average of 100+ friends weekly. Our marketing team posts daily & even hourly updates on FB providing our followers with fresh, meaningful information. We offer our expertise in FB awareness to all our clients who are innovative in their marketing strategies and want to utilize FB's power to push their brand awareness.

Latest Promotions

MAI TV Easter EGGstavaganza

Spot the ‘EGG’ in our daily programs and Text in ‘EGG’ to 822 Vodafone and Inkk users only (postpay and Prepay) to go in the draw to win these awesome prizes:

  • Spot the ‘EGG’ in our daily programs and Text in ‘EGG’ to 822 Vodafone and Inkk users only (postpay and
    Prepay) to go in the draw to win these awesome prizes:
  • South Sea Cruisers
    1 x Full Day Cruise of South Sea Island for 2 adults or 2 children inclusive of a delicious barbecue and
    salad buffet lunch plus unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks whilst on the island.
  • 1 x Seaspray Day Sailing Adventure for 2 adults
  • Terra Treks - Scenic Tour for 2 adults
  • 5 x Tuckers Ice Cream Vouchers
  • $500 dollars’ worth of talk time to giveaway from Vodafone

Conditions apply


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What's on today
Tuesday 21st October, 2014
Morning: 4am - 12pm
4:00am Journal
4:30am Talking Germany
5:00am Germany Today
5:30am Documentaries And Stories
6:00am Discover Germany
6:30am Euromaxx
7:00am Journal
7:30am TVNZ One News Replay
8:30am Talking Germany
9:00am Euromaxx
9:30am Global 3000
10:00am Journal
10:30am Shift
11:00am Journal
11:30am Talking Germany
12:00pm Al Jazeera: News
Afternoon: 12pm - 8pm
12:30pm Al Jazeera: Inside Story
1:00pm Al Jazeera: The War In October
2:00pm Bundesliga Match (Replay)
4:00pm Journal
4:15pm Documentaries And Reports
5:00pm Business Brief
5:15pm Talking Germany
6:00pm Journal
6:15pm Close Up
6:45pm Shift
7:00pm TVNZ One News
8:00pm Seven Sharp
Evening: 8pm - 4am
8:30pm Fiji Funniest Videos
9:00pm We ni Yava (Replay)
9:30pm My Lovely Samsoon
10:30pm Souls To Jesus
11:00pm Technology Update
11:30pm Journal News
12:30am Talking Germany
1:00am Business Brief
1:30am Close Up
2:00am Journal
2:30am Global 3000
3:00am Euromaxx
3:30am Kick Off
4:00am Journal
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