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MAI TV boasts the most effective way of selling your product at an affordable cost. We offer competitive package deals including all aspects of production and can ensure your products and messages are targeted to maximum effect utilizing our extensive range of advertising options.

We not only offer spot rates around some of our most powerful, informative and entertaining content, we also partner this with our considerable online presence with our Website and Face Book pages.

MAI TV has been a pioneer in Fiji when it comes to Face Book (FB) awareness and offer our expertise to all our clients who are innovative in their marketing strategies and want to utilize FB's power to push their brand awareness.

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What's on today
Sunday 26th October, 2014
Morning: 4am - 12pm
4:25am Bundesliga: Schalke Vs Leverkusen (LIVE)
7:00am TVNZ News Replay
8:00am What Now
10:00am Totes Maori
10:30am Praise Be
11:00am Sungkyunkwan Scandal
12:00pm Al Jazeera News
Afternoon: 12pm - 8pm
12:30pm Al Jazeera: Inside Story
1:30pm Talk About It
2:00pm Movie Night: Tum Ho Na
4:30pm Cross Talk
5:00pm Riddim Up
6:00pm Pacific Sports 360
6:30pm Fiji Funniest Videos
7:00pm TVNZ One News
8:00pm We Ni Yava
Evening: 8pm - 4am
8:30pm Live With In Laws
9:30pm My Lovely Samsoon
10:00pm Souls To Jesus
11:00pm Big Picture
11:30pm Discover Germany
12:00am Journal
12:30am Documentaries And Reports
1:00am Journal Interview
1:25am Discover Germany
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